Night's Betrayals: A Night's Vampire Series Book Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour Author
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Night's Betrayals follows closely on the heels of Night's Temptress, where the Count Basarab's and Virginia's children, Santan and Samara fully embraced the vampire world. Santan has no desire to take his father's place on the vampire throne, but Samara, the temptress, would do anything to step up to the plate. Although Basarab will never allow his daughter, or any female vampire to sit on the throne, Samara is still daddy's little girl and it seems that no matter what she does, Basarab continues to look the other way and protect his daughter from herself. In Night's Temptress, Basarab attempts to marry Samara off to the son of his cousin, and for a time, Samara plays along. She also liasons with Lajos, the bartender at Slains Castle pub. In order to gain more leverage with her father, Samara has sent her brother an anonymous letter detailing their father's deceit in the manner of Santan's love of his life, Mia, and her family being sent away. And, despite Samara going along with the proposed marriage her father is endeavouring to arrange, she is not heartbroken when her betrothed disappears and is assumed dead. Of course, she sought solace in the arms of her lover, Lajos. However, unbeknown to everyone, with the exception of Angelique (the white witch who has overseen the Dracul family for centuries), Akos is not dead - she, herself, pulled him from the water grave. Now, the betrayals are getting out of hand ... Santan is in Brantford ... the count, Virginia, and Samara head there with the intention of bringing him home ... others follow ... Mia, Santan's love, is torn between following the young vampire she dearly loves, and her father, Randy ... Samara plays a deadly game to rid herself once and for all of her brother's claim to the throne, using Mia as her pond ... Ildiko refuses to give up her quest for the throne, and lands in Brantford ... Dracula, tired of living in the shadow of his young nephew, comes to Brantford with the intention of taking control of the throne - not personally, but through controling another ... a murder under the count's roof and his promise to bring the murderer to vampire justice, which would mean their death - little does Basarab know exactly what that will mean, especially where his son is concerned. There is no limit to the betrayals under the count's roof and he begins to wonder just who he can trust besides his father and a couple of other loyal vampires. Where it is all going to end, he does not know, but one thing he does know - he must get his family under control before it is too late!


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