And Night Descends: The Third Book in the Small Gods Epic Fantasy Series Bruce Blake Author
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A mysterious healer brings Teryk back from the brink of death, but at what cost?Rescued from a place that must have been hell itself, the Barren Mother still struggles to find her way without sight, without help. Without faith.Hidden in a pouch at the princess' hip, the Seed of Life speaks to her. But if she doesn't understand what it says, how can she fulfil her destiny?The ominous golem has found that for which it searched as the Evenstar's patience grows thin. Soon the stars will fall, and night will descend. Then He Who Watches from the Sky will rule again.How can a handful of people, as mortal, vulnerable and unknowing as can be, ever hope to stand in the way of gods' own will, sorcery and dark magic?


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