The Couples Would You Rather Edition - Sexy conversations to know your partner better! Beckie Reid Author
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The rules are simple. Take turns asking each other the questions and the other person HAS to reply which one they’d rather do! Whether you’ve just got together, have been married for years, or are any where in between, these seriously naughty questions are sure to get you talking. You’ll discover your partners sexual desires, kinks and dirty sense of humour! ★★ Some of the questions include ★★ - Would you rather be with someone who uses too much tongue when they make out or someone who doesn’t use any tongue? - Would you rather play with ice on your partner's body or hot wax from a candle? - Would you rather get your partner off under the table at a family dinner or rub them off in a busy restaurant? And 100+ other questions! What’re you waiting for? If you want the perfect gift or want to spice things up, scroll up and click the ‘Buy Now’ button now!


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