I'm not your Slave: The Story of Imtiyaaz Eric Reese Author
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When self ambition takes over one innocent Asian teenager's life, a horror lies ahead... Recent high school graduate, Imtiyaaz Muhammad is eager to leave Indonesia. She’s always coveted working abroad, and, at last, the chance presents, assisted by a frequent customer and colleague at her place of work. She was told "the Middle East" was full of great opportunities in the ‘hospitality’ field and it's a journey worth-taking. Imtiyaaz is eager to find out and is ready to part with her grieving father of many years.The plane lands...Imtiyaaz is over the moon with the sparkling beauty & landscape of the Middle East, but it becomes clear in a matter of minutes, that her new home isn’t what she’d imagined. She finds herself the ‘property’ of her new employer. With her passport seized, Imtiyaaz faces a daunting task of escape. The choices are: perform unspeakable acts and shut up...or risk being buried in desert alive.Complicit authorities are of no help, and, without a single person to lean on, Imtiyaaz must do it alone.


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