The 100k Property Plan: The essential guide on the 'How to' earn $100,000+ a year from property Andrew Crossley Author
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This book, as the title suggests, discusses how having a property plan can equip you with the tools and knowledge to help build a property portfolio that can provide 100K or more passive incomeper year, year after year (a passive income is an income that is earned without being actively involved).We all need money to live o in retirement. Roughly 80% or more of Australians are relegated to survive on the pension. I say ‘relegated’ because I believe life is to enjoy, experience, and travel. It is not, in my opinion, a mere existence spent counting pennies in retirement. Life is not about working from age eighteen to age seventy, only to then realise you miscalculated what you needed in retirement and misguidedly focused only on today and not tomorrow (metaphorically speaking). Many people in retirement lack the nancial capability to do more with their life than they currently are.Having a plan is better than haphazardly making our way through life. Taking the time to truly understand, or at least appreciate, our own situation and what our needs and wants may be now and in the future can enable you to enjoy a fuller life. Some people are arguably content going to the RSL every Friday night for a senior’s meal and playing bingo every Wednesday. ese simple, weekly events are what some people look forward to, and that is fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to help your kids, grandkids, and worthy causes – not just with your time, but also with your money?While it is important to have a nancially secure retirement, it is also about reaching a point in life, before retirement age, where you can have more choices to reduce your working hours, quit your job, or travel. It is about having hope, waking up every day, knowing you are doing everything you can to change your life for the better. Whilst daily routine is good for most of us, it can be a comfort blanket we rely on. Having several routines other than just getting up, going to work, eating dinner, putting the kids to bed, and taking the kids to their sports and activities is so important. It gives us hope that there is more out there that we can accomplish.My goal in this book is to break down my twenty-two years of experience, qualifcations, knowledge, and awards into language you can understand and implement. I have a great system and blueprint to guide you through the necessary steps, and more importantly, I have made these very easy to understand.


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