Polymer Nanocomposites: Emerging Applications Vikas Mittal Editor
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Polymer nanocomposites are functional hybrid materials, which synergistically combine the component properties. Owing to the significantly improved performance at low filler fractions, these materials have emerged as suitable candidates for a wide variety of applications in diverse areas such as automotive, construction and aerospace sectors, electronics, sensing, food packaging, wastewater treatment, tissue engineering, artificial joints, etc. Such advanced applications of polymer nanocomposites, generated using different synthetic methodologies and functional nanofillers (such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, layered silicates, metal oxides, etc.), have been comprehensively reviewed in the book. The in-depth coverage of many application areas of the polymer nanocomposites makes the book a valuable asset for polymer, chemical, biochemical and mechanical engineers, as well as practicing scientists in academia and industry. It also serves as a reference text for postgraduate university students in various engineering disciplines.For more details, please visit https://centralwestpublishing.com


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