Kingdom of Secrets Claire Leggett Author
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Peace has ruled over the three nations of Tartalan, Molanka and Sylta for over five hundred years. But a king desperate to save his dying wife is about to change it all.Bree Silksmith is in gaol for a crime she didn't commit. But when her trial date arrives, suddenly she's not just fighting for her own freedom, but for that of the whole of Tartalan.Madeleine Hanretty's duties are torn when her responsibilities to her father's fiefdom clash with the desperate needs of her mother's fae family. Forced to journey to Molanka to seek the solution to the blight affecting her fae kin, she discovers proof of an imminent invasion, and her quest becomes far more dangerous than she'd anticipated.Princess Amber of Molanka has spent the past six months caring for her ailing mother. She prays her father can find a cure during his voyage to other lands. But a chance trip into the city reveals her country needs as much nurturing as her mother does, and she uncovers the truth behind her father's expedition. Join Bree, Madeleine and Amber as they expose secrets, face incredible opposition, and determine what is really worth fighting for. Because if they fail, their whole world will too.Kingdom of Secrets is the first book in the exciting new Fae Touched fantasy series. If you like epic lands, high stakes, and strong heroines, then you'll love Claire Leggett's intriguing tale.


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