The Performer's Mind Bianca Fenn Author
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Do you ever feel consumed by self-doubt and disabled by insecurity? This little book is based on things that have helped me through my own battles and those of my singing students. It is here to help performers but is relevant for anyone who needs to perform in any capacity of life; parents, teachers, managers, students... Humans. This book is especially for those who feel the desire, the push or pull of needing more from life. It’s for those people who know they could do more than they currently are, if only they could get past that thing that is holding them back. Have you asked for help only to be greeted with gentle encouragement and a sweet voice of a loved one, telling you, “You’ll be fine”? Do you recognise you need a kick up the butt, you need to face the reality of the issues that are holding you back so you can move past this awkward stage? This book details some fairly obvious truths that can often be forgotten and also some different thoughts for you to consider in the most direct fashion possible. The aim of this book is to get to the point quickly, give you alternative ways to view your situation and then encourage you to get on with it so you don’t waste any more of your precious and limited time on this earth.


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