Ebrahim Raisi: Perpetrator of mass murder, genocide and crimes against humanity PMOI (MEK) Author
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In many ways, Ebrahim Raisi epitomizes the religious fascism ruling Iran; a tyrannical regime that for more than four decades has inflicted immense suffering and pain on the Iranian people, the region, and many other countries, using the two instruments of domestic repression and export of terrorism and deadly conflicts abroad. This book may help introduce Ebrahim Raisi and explain the significant moment that his rise to the presidency of Iran represents. Raisi presided over the 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in Iran, over 90% of whom were members, supporters, and family members of the PMOI (MEK). Raisi is known as the Executioner of 1988 by the Iranian people for this horrific act of mass murder, genocide, and crime against humanity.


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