Manipulation Techniques: The Best Guide to understand how Subliminal Psychology Can Influence and Persuade anyone. Learn Emotional Influence and the M
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Do you want to know how to analyze and manipulate people?Do you want to master the practical uses of covert persuasion?If you also want to hack human behavior with powerful tricks and learn about the loopholes in the human psyche, then keep reading...Manipulation is simply the art of getting people to do just what you want them to, not necessarily by paying attention to their wishes or even hurting them in extreme cases. Many of the individuals who have had the most significant effect on history have learned how to manipulate the masses to do their bidding.If you're sick of not getting what you want when it comes to negotiations, if you're frustrated about how you got the other side to accept an offer that's far less than what you deserved, then this guide is for you.In this complete and comprehensive guide, you will discover:How to analyze, influence and manipulate people in practicallyAll the secrets of Dark Psychologytechniques for mastering charm, charisma, hypnotism, persuasion, trickery and coaxingHow NLP Works Why Is Manipulation Important in LifeThe seven mental manipulation techniques that are probably being used on you every day that you're unaware ofWhy and how psychopaths and sociopaths use subliminal messages to get into the minds of peopleand much more!Scroll up now and click Add to Cart for your copy of this fantastic audiobook!


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