Dark NLP: Your Great Guide For NLP And Dark Psychology To Understand The Art Of Using Your Mind To Become The Master Of Your Success Ryan Newell Autho
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BUY THIS BOOK WITH 55% DISCOUNT!!Are you stressed out and tired by the feeling of being manipulated? Are you seeking a way to influence others that will benefit you in various ways? If yes, this is the right book for you!NLP SECRETS AND PERSUASION is your ultimate guide to effectively influencing people using NLP and persuasion techniques, hypnosis, brainwashing, body language, and mind control. It also helps you avoid being a victim of these techniques.NLP refers to the ability to sway interactions with other people. It is guided by non-verbal responses and reactions of the other people, which can be used first to create rapport and convince others to do what is necessary. Persuasion is rooted in ancient Greek's model of a prized politician and orator. Nowadays, in the business domain, persuasion refers to a corporate system of influence to change other people, groups, or organizations' attitudes, behavior, or perception. It employs verbal, non-verbal, visual, or multimodal communication to convey, change, or reinforce a piece of existing information or reasoning peculiar to the audience. In politics and governing today, persuasion still retains its role as one of the essential means of influencing the populace's behavior, feelings, and commitment through the power of mass media. More generally speaking, persuasion is a concept of influence that attempts to change a person's attitudes, intentions, motivations, beliefs, or behaviors.This book will help you go more in-depth into detail about NLP and persuasion. It covers:· Hypnosis techniques· The positive and negative aspects of Neuro Linguistic Programming· Hypnosis and Deception· The Art Of Using Your Mind to Succeed ·. the Dark Triad· Dark Personalities... And much more!BUY THIS BOOK NOW WITH THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT!!!


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