How to Analyze People with Body Language Reading: The simple guide to quickly read people's body language and see if they are lying to you. Find out a
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Do you want to find out the secrets of body language?Do you want to find out if the person in front of you is lying to you?Do you want to find out if you can trust that person?If you answered YES, keep reading...Words cannot give full coverage of someone's personality traits. However, they provide a deep understanding of their thoughts and behavior.And if you know the thoughts of the person in front of you, it is quite easy to direct his behavior wherever you want. The human mind is incredibly smart and efficient. We only use nouns and verbs when we speak, and other parts of speech are added afterward during the transformation of ideas into spoken language. Body language is a kind of communication to express the info. Such behavior includes touch, body posture, gestures, eye motion, facial expressions, and distance.Body language shouldn't be confused with sign language. Sign languages are complete languages, just like spoken languages. They have their own complicated grammar systems, as well as the ability to exhibit fundamental properties that exist in most languages. Body language, in contrast, does not have a grammar program. It must be interpreted widely rather than having a complete significance corresponding with a specific motion.Once you get to know the body movements of another person better, you can also understand what makes them unique. The more you know about a person, the better you can conclude the best strategy for persuasion. For this reason, this book includes the following topics:· How to analyze the behavior of people · Why people act a certain way· Deconstructing behaviors · How to use emotional intelligence to analyze people· Knowing and managing different personalities· The secret of body language · See if they are lying to you using non-verbal signals· How does the body reveal emotions? · Gestures of men and womenAnd much more....Would you like to know more? Scroll up and click the Buy Now button!


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