COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY 2 Books in 1: How to Pursue a Happy Life Heal Your Body to Get over Anxiety Relief. Improve your Success, Develop and Imple
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Want to get an instant relief from anxiety? Want to skyrocket your success and pursue a happy life? If the answer is yes, you need to understand the real power of emotional intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy.This bundled book provides the ways as to exactly how to implement these life-changing tools in plain English.The FIRST book is a practical and definitive guide on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). It is a therapy for anxiety disorders and it is the most effective treatment for many types of disorders including phobia, generalized disorders, and panic disorder. In an easy to understand English, this definitive guide clearly answers the questions including:Exactly what types of disorders can CBT solve?How does CBT work? Why should you know this?What are the must-know techniques for the starter?What does the basic CBT toolbox involve?What actually makes it so powerful tool?What life-threatening conditions and disorders you can treat with CBT?Why and how to alter your cognitions?How to adapt your lifestyle and maintain the positive momentum?What are anxiety and depression? Is there a way to get rid of them?How to identify your thought patterns and instantly break the negative onesWhat are the cognitive behavioral techniques that actually work?How to overcome anger and bitterness forever using CBT?Why CBT is the most effective treatment for PTSD... AND MORE!!!The SECOND book is a practical guide on emotional intelligence that helps you improve success, overcome negativity, relieve anxiety, analyze people and honestly assess yourself. In an easy to understand English, it clearly answers the questions including:What are the critical components of emotional intelligence?Why do you need to understand them?How to use emotional intelligence to discipline yourself for your own benefits?What's distinction between IQ and EQ?Why it is critically important to know this distinction? How do you know whether or not you possess the traits of the unbeatable mind? Why develop mental strength? How to develop it?What you must know about emotional intelligence? How to measure emotional intelligence and ensure you are on track to success? Exactly how to raise your emotional cleverness?How emotional intelligence affects your relationship with family and friends and your work performance? How to improve your personal and social skills and be likable? ... AND MORE!!!So, if you want to understand the real power of emotional intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy...if you want to skyrocket your success and pursue a happy've come to the right place. need to get a copy of this book. You will NEVER regret your small investment for this bundled book


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