Australian Shepherd Puppy Training: The Complete Guidebook for Your Aussie. Crate, Clicker, Leash, Housetraining and Much More to Raise a Doggy Friend
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Are you planning to buy or adopt an Australian Shepherd? Do you want to raise an Australian Shepherd puppy with love? No matter your situation, this book will give everything you need to know about training your little furry friend. Australian Shepherds are known to be a great family and police dogs, herding animals and competitors in obedience trials. These dogs are active but easy-going, and they love getting along with other kinds of pets as well as a romp with children. As you plan to make this breed part of your family, this Australian Shepherd Puppy Training book will give you the complete guidelines on how to be a successful fur parent. Moreover, it will also help you to prepare your house before the arrival of your furry buddy.As you read further, you will learn the basic commands and proper discipline.In case your puppy has unwanted behaviors such as chewing inappropriate items, pulling when on the leash, excessive barking, and more, this book will help you solve these issues. This book will also cover topics such as different training disciplines, dog language, hand cues and proper ways to take care of your Aussie puppy.In this guide, you will learn:· Biography and characteristics of the Australian Shepherd· Bases of Aussie puppy training: necessary attitudes, mistakes to avoid and more· Essential dog supplies· How to make your home puppy-proofing· Proper ways to check your outdoors· The first few weeks with an Aussie puppy at home...And much more!If it is your first time to have an Australian Shepherd puppy, this book will help you train him effectively and have a good relationship with your new furry best friend. So, click here and grab your copy!


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