Critical Thinking: This book includes: Beginner's guide and Critical Thinking Skills. Learn Practical tools to Boost Your Brainpower and Adopt Logic S
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How is your decision making mechanism? Do you take unnecessarily long to arrive at a decision? Are you tired of getting beyond your limits to push and get things done? Do you always end up with wrong decision?How our lives go depends on how we think: critical thinking brings about excellent resolutions to problems. But without a map, you will get lost in the wilderness: mental models will function like maps to direct the mind. This boundle includes 2 books:Critical Thinking And Mental Models: the Great Course to Emulate Effective Thinking Systems of the Most Successful Leaders. Think Fast, Set Goals and Solve Problems by Adopting Brilliant StrategiesCritical Thinking And Problem Solving: Advanced Strategies and Reasoning Skills to Increase Your Decision Making. A Systematic Approach to Master Logic, Avoid Mistakes and Be a Creative Problem Solver What you will find:6 Simple Steps to Solve All Your Problems4 Sure-Fire and Lifesaver Skills for Decision MakingSeveral Traits of Critical Thinkers you Should ImitateUseful and Effective Skills for Problem SolvingPersonal Decision-Making Styles that Seem to be Tailormade for YouHow to Win an ArgumentProblem Solving Exercises to Boost Critical Thinking SkillsThe Difference in Reality, Perceptions and Beliefs that Make Up the Major Mental ModelsThe 16 Core Qualities to Develop as a Creative ThinkerThe 6 Habits to Embrace for Mental Toughness If you want to solve your problems, you have to think about them in a critical manner. Pick those problems Look for solutions. Look for ways you can use each problem to your own advantage. You will learn what you need to do in terms of exercises, in order to keep your brain elastic and working in a logical manner.Make a permanent change in your life, read this book and bring the desired change in your life.


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