Where's Biden Hiden?: Find Joe Biden in his Race to the White House idiocratea Author
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Where, oh where, is Biden hiden this time? He was last seen snoozing on the Amtrak, but there have also been reports of white hairy legs wandering around the beach. One eye witness allegedly spotted him trying to sabotage a Trump boat parade, but this has yet to be confirmed. Doesn't he realise he has a debate with Trump in less than an hour? You must help find him immediately, the fate of the Presidency depends on it!Search for Joe Biden in this eye-boggling illustrated adventure! Each action-packed page is crammed with political in-jokes and bonus items to find, such as Joe Biden's teleprompter, earpiece, sunglasses, and much, much more. You'll also find cameos from the likes of CNN, Fox News, the Supreme Court, even ol' Joe's sign language interpreter makes an appearance.This book will provide hours of fun for both lovers and loathers of the aviator wearing, ice cream eating, word-salad-making, white-haired wonder that is Joe Biden.The colorful artwork parodies the famously popular Where's Waldo/Wally in a hilarious way. The perfect gift book that will provide you and your family with endless fun tracking down Joe in his race to the White House.


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