Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Healthy, Fat-Free Lifestyle with Simple, Quick, and Tasty Recipes. Vanessa Williams Author
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Looking for a simple, fast, and tasty vegetable-based diet? Have you tried other types of diets without much success? Would you like to improve your health tremendously? Are you looking for a plant-based diet that can bring you results? If so - keep reading!With a plant-based diet, you consume healthy, nutritious foods that your body will THANK YOU for eating, improve your health, longevity, and sometimes even more critical - lose weight!In this outstanding book, you will reveal a delicious, taste-tested meal plan that will make you energetic, more focused, and much, much healthier than before.The entire meal plan is built around plant-based dishes full of fibers, vitamins, and green energy.Not only you'll lose weight, but you will also make your skin and hair much more beautiful, trigger important happiness hormones in the brain, and even make you stronger and sharper!Here's what you can expect from this book:• Discover all of the mind-blowing benefits of a plant-based diet(all supported by research)• Reveal the problems with eating meat and animal products(you won't believe how much harm it can do to your body)• Learn how to deal with cravings and how to develop strong, healthy habits• Get the TOP 50 plant-based diet recipes• Expose the ultimate weight-loss plan for a plant-based dietThis Plant-Based Meal Plan will take you by the hand, give you simple, easy recipes that produce delicious dishes, and help you achieve your goals!


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