Healthy Recipes for weight loss: A Step-By-Step Guide Lean And Tasty Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Reset Your Metabolism and Enjoy Amazing Food Micha
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★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! NOW at $ 35,97 instead of $ 45,97! LAST DAYS! ★How can I shop for Lean and green diet diet?Your Customers Will Never Stop To Use This Amazing Cookbook!Lean and green diet is basically a weight loss or weight maintenance program that suggests the use of a lean and green meal along with processed food called fueling. The diet says to add these nutritional Fuelings to the diet while controlling the overall caloric intake. The fueling is actually powdered food, which is mixed with liquid like water and then added to the diet as a part of routine meals. Besides consuming these fueling, the dieters are also suggested to exercise 30 minutes daily to lose weight.By trying fueling as a substitute for real food, you can curb the carb and sugar intake and can manage your caloric intake as well. How much Fuelings to consume, how much food to eat, and what to eat on this dietary regime depends on the type of weight loss plan you are going for. However, on this diet, the overall calorie intake for adults is reduced to 800 to 1000 per day, which lets you lose about 12 lbs of weight per 12 weeks on average.Sometimes when you are doing well, you may treat yourself a little too much, and then it backfires, and you end up doing more damage to your progress than you could have imagined. Instead of treating yourself to something bad to eat, you could challenge yourself to have something healthy in place of that treat and then feel twice as good later. Self-satisfaction is the biggest reward. Remember, it's still excellent to treat yourself every now and again to avoid binging. Have a cheat meal or a cheat day but fit it into your daily calorie limit.In attempting to change the wrong way, there is little possibility for something to become a lasting change. This book will show you a better strategy to finally make long term changes in your life successfully.This book covers:· lean and green Diet's Mindset· Sticking to Good Habits· Do's & Don'ts of the lean and green Diet· Fundamentals of lean and green Diet· Low Carb· Aren't Fats Unhealthy?· The Protein Balance. And Much More!!!Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!


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