The Complete Beginners Guide to Guitar - by April Madden (Hardcover)
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Book Synopsis The guitar is one of the most popular instruments for first-time learners, allowing players the exibility to play various musical styles. Whether you aspire to play for fun or to live out your ambitions of taking the stage at Wembley, the end goal may seem like a distant dream when you strum your first chord. With what might seem like an endless list of notation marks, scales and chords to grasp, practice and commitment are essential. Luckily, The Complete Beginners Guide To Guitar is on hand to be your learning companion, guiding you through the basics and helping you lay firm foundations for future development. With the detailed step-by-step tutorials and plenty of practice, it will not be long before you are finger picking, string bending and making stage-worthy compositions. About the Author Future Publishing have the most comprehensive collection of Guitar related on-line and magazine content and April Madden has brilliantly edited this material into a must have book for guitar beginners.



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