Culinary Kitchen Dictionary: American/British Minna Rose Author
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**WITH BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS - COLOR EDITION ALSO AVAILABLE**Do you know what arugula is? Or rocket? How about sloppy joes or spotted dick? Do you know the differences between English and American muffins or scones? If you love to cook - or eat - and answer No to one of these questions, this culinary kitchen dictionary is for you.The differences between the English language of the United Kingdom, and the English of the United States and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand are nowhere more apparent than in the kitchen.Different names for ingredients, kitchen equipment and cooking styles plus different systems of measurement make it very difficult for an American to follow a British recipe and for a Brit to follow an American recipe.This illustrated dictionary will help you make sense of English and American recipes, cookbooks and cooking websites, whichever continent you live on, despite the differences in the English languages.


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