Fifty Shades of Nagging: Most of Them Grey Chris Gibson Author
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Whether you're a man or a woman this collection of over fifty anecdotes based on common things that women say to men every day, should raise a smile! Originally an eBook format, it was soon created in paperback format due to demand thus is a short book of 64 pages, so don't expect a 300 page novel! At least the short book format is ideal for a man's attention span! The follow up, 'Life of Pie - Nag Pie' is now available and is by far a more chunky traditional book that takes the reader through the journey of life and the ages of nagging, as well as a look at the inadequacies of men in the final chapter, a Life of Bragging. A Woman can ask a question and she is really asking something different, men know this and they get frustrated and answer in a way that makes them appear guilty and before they know it they face the Spanish Inquisition with a barrage of questions or comments. Men get sucked into the game and complain of Nagging! If you have had the pleasure or being served a slice or two of 'Nag Pie' in your life, deserved or not, then you will relate to this collection of over fifty overused clichés, questions or comments.


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