The Zombie, the Cat, and Barack Obama: Featuring appearances from The Illuminati, Osama Bin Laden, Larry the Downing Street cat, Queen Elizabeth II, t
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What have Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II and the Three Little Pigs got in common? They are all characters in this hilarious horror/political satire. You will never look at President Obama the same way again, after reading about his embarrassing, (but very funny), secret. There have been many conspiracy theories about the origins and ancestry of Barack Obama. Some are just plain ridiculous. Perhaps the real Obama story is being revealed here? It can scarcely be more far-fetched than some of the 'origins of Barack' myths and, if the comments of the many amused readers are anything to go by, a lot more entertaining.If you want to see how a comic/horror zombie story can morph into an outrageously funny satire on conspiracy theories, 'The Zombie, the Cat, and Barack Obama' is the book you need to read.Check out these comments by happy readers.Kitty Muse Book Reviews.'The way that all of these characters are intertwined is a path even Alice of Wonderland fame would have fun treading. I hope Mr. Meade continues writing in this vein—he is a comic genius.'Betsy Ashton'This slim volume packs more irony, humor and improbable relationships into fewer than 100 pages than any fiction writer I've read. At least I think he's written fiction.Read it. Enjoy it. Laugh out loud. Think. You won't be disappointed.'Viv Drewa.I had no idea this novel by Christopher Anthony Meade was going to be so hilarious!'I couldn't imagine a zombie, cat and Barack Obama, and several other entities could be woven into such a magnificent and entertaining novel.'Bobbi Lerman.'Part satire, part horror story, part conspiracy story, and part comedy, The Zombie, The cat and Barack Obama is absolutely a non-stop laugh riot! If writer Christopher Meade is looking for a second occupation, I would suggest stand up comic! He would be stellar.'Tickle your funnybone by downloading and reading this hilarious satire today.


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