The Elizabeth II Pocket Bible - by Teresa Paddington (Hardcover)
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About the Book The Queen Elizabeth II Pocket Bible contains everything you need to know about the reigning Queen, the monarcy and the most recent events including the Royal Wedding and the Diamond Jubilee. Packed with trivia and quirky histrorical facts, this is a must-have gift purchase for tourists and royal family fans. Book Synopsis Did you know the Queen loves pigeon racing? Did you know Elizabeth served with the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) as a mechanic during World War Two? And that she is the first monarch to circumnavigate the globe? If you're a fan of Queen Elizabeth II or just fascinated by the British monarchy then The Queen Elizabeth II Pocket Bible contains everything you need to know and more! Discover what the Queen enjoys doing on her `days off', what her royal duties include and the role the Queen plays in society today. Plus, inside you'll find: * The Queen's biography; from childhood through to the coronation and her reign * The latest up-to-date information about the Diamond Jubilee and Royal Wedding * Windsor family tree and profiles of each family member * Fact files of the royal palaces, including Buckingham Palace and St James Packed with quirky tips, historical trivia and funny facts, the Queen Elizabeth II Pocket Bible is the essential guide for tourists and British fans alike. This beautiful hardback edition has both dust-cover and gold embossing on the spine making it the perfect gift. Every Pocket Bible is lovingly crafted to give you a unique mix of useful references, handy tips and fascinating trivia that will enlighten you at every page. There is a Pocket Bible for everyone... Other titles in the series: The Baking Pocket Bible, The Mum's Pocket Bible, The London Pocket Bible, The Rugby Pocket Bible and The Wine Pocket Bible. From the Back Cover At just 10 years old, the young Princess Elizabeth unexpectedly found herself next in line to the throne. Today, she is Queen Elizabeth II, one of the most famous people in the world and one of the longest-reigning monarchs in British history. Brimming with fascinating facts and insights, The Elizabeth II Pocket Bible delves into Elizabeth's extraordinary life, revealing the events and influences which shaped her, and the duties she undertakes as Queen, including: - A detailed biography, including King Edward VIII's abdication and the Diamond Jubilee - Unravelling Elizabeth II's many roles and titles, including Head of the Nation and Defender of the Faith - A typical day in the life of the Queen - from reading correspondence to hosting state banquets - Key royal events and where to find them, from the popular Changing of the Guard to little-known ceremonies such as the Garter Day Service - Delightfully quirky facts such as the Queen's love of pigeon racing Discover everything you need to know about Elizabeth II.



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