A Beginner's Guide to the Path of Ascension - (Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) by Joshua David Stone & Janna Shelley Parker
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"About the Book Three forces must come together for a planetary healing to occur ... The concept of the Sacred Triangle was introduced in David Miller's first book, Connecting with the Arcturians, which explored the fifth dimension and our relationship to higher Extraterrestrial groups. This new book explains how the Arcturian energy melds with that of the White Brother/Sisterhood and the Ascended Native American Masters to bring about planetary healing. David offers the reader an understanding of the soul, the nature of soul evolution, and how the human species is advancing towards the next evolutionary step. ""There will be many of you in this time who will be able to complete fantastic tasks. If I would declare to you what I see, you would be astonished that you could possibly carry out such tasks. You must think that you have the ability to do this. You have the personal power. I ask you to look at the Sacred Triangle and see what role you can play in this. Others will be very interested when yo Book Synopsis This volume covers the basics of ascension clearly and completely, from the spiritual hierarchy to the angels and star beings."



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