Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 2: A Book for Seth Readers Lynda Madden Dahl Author
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Lynda Madden Dahl, author of eight Seth/Jane Roberts-based books: “In Living a Safe Universe (vol. 1 of 4), predecessor to this book, I told of how I had come to finally trust my self, which translates into living safely in my reality. This book stresses a focused application of that knowledge as it applies to the spacious present’s simultaneous time and moment point. Its purpose is to deepen our trust in all aspects of personal reality creation by learning to consciously direct and use the moment point to our great advantage.BOOK REVIEWS BY SETH READERS:“Lynda invites us to journey with her in learning to use our power in the moment in practical and magical ways. She proceeds with great enthusiasm, confidence, and optimism – and encourages us to do the same. As usual, Lynda picks out the most important concepts in the Seth material, summarizes them crisply, expresses them clearly, and challenges us to use them – not just daily, but in the moment. Her goal is as simple as it is profound: living in the moment point engenders self-trust and living in a safe universe. We become, in her phrase, ‘Home Free At Last!’”— Don Middendorf, Ph.D., Professor of Physics and Consciousness Studies at The Evergreen State College“In Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 2, Lynda once again shares her unique insights on Seth’s message and teachings. Her perspectives provide an exceptional illustration of how we can take command of the moment point, enhance our framework of trust, and truly live a safe universe. Building on the foundation of volume 1, it is highly recommended for Seth readers seeking to expand their understanding about how to live confidently with self-trust.”— Michael Steffen, Co-Founder of the current Seth Network International, Board Member of the original SNILynda Dahl’s commitment to the Seth material is deep and enduring. In the second volume of Living a Safe Universe she makes complex subject matter accessible to both familiar and novice readers: simultaneous time, action, trust, and the moment point. It is clear she knows her stuff! Completing the author's ‘tasks’ can literally turn a life around. What is most impressive, however, is her personal development. Lynda has gone much deeper in this second volume, and she shares her journey with us. Ultimately, we all benefit from her ability to show us how it's done!— Helen L. Stewart, Ph.D., Futurist and Business Intuitive, Author of Seven Seconds or Less: Gut Feeling to Bottom Line“In Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 2, Lynda takes us further into a journey of the self that began in vol. 1. As Lynda guides us outside the linear cause and effect assumptions most of us live our lives by, she offers instead a far more expansive view of who and what we are, and in doing so opens possibilities for value fulfillment that otherwise would not be available. This book is an exploration into the nature of reality that will be of great value to Seth readers. I highly recommend it to all who would dare to embrace their true power to create lives of fulfillment and joy and to ‘live a safe universe,’ as consciousness was always intended to do.”— Rich Kendall, Author of The Road to Elmira and Stories I Never Told Grandma; Member of Jane Roberts’ ESP Class


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