Finding Elizabeth L. Shannon Andersen Author
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Finding Elizabeth is the true story of how several grieving families in a small Florida community have - through the astounding powers of Psychic/Medium Elizabeth Palin - received real and reassuring contact from their children who they thought were lost forever to tragic deaths. In their own words, family members confirm that there IS life after life; that their loved ones are indeed alive in the spirit world, living out dreams they had on Earth.Through Elizabeth, these young spirits answer plaguing questions, solve mysteries their deaths left unanswered, and, most of all, console and heal just by being near, giving messages of hope to broken hearts left behind.In Part I of this book, you will meet the blessed souls who were tragically struck down far too early in their young lives. They have reached their families through Elizabeth; proving, beyond a shadow of doubt, that their eternal souls live on. In Part II, the author interviews Elizabeth, revealing a life history that could only be described as divinely inspired. Finally, in Part III, parents report on their own After-Death Communications from their children; showing how you too can open up to receive messages from beyond.Skeptics are invited to open these pages and their minds, and awaken to the extraordinary possibility that we can receive comforting messages from loved ones from the other side of that tenuous veil we call death.


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