Presidents Trivia Challenge: George Washington through Donald Trump Cheryl Pryor Author
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The 'President's Trivia Challenge' has 500+ multiple choice fun, historical, and educational trivia questions to challenge your knowledge on the presidents.The trivia questions cover the time span from George Washington to Donald Trump. Which president was driven in Al Capone's car Who was America's only bachelor president Which president threatened to lock her up referring to his political opponent, a former First Lady Which president had no vice president Who was president during the cover up of the Benghazi attack on the American consulate Which president became both vice president and president without being elected to either office Who was president when 9/11 occurred Which president was an indentured servant Who was president when Charles Lindbergh flew his solo Transatlantic flight Which president claimed he had seen a UFO Which president created the Federal ReserveChallenge yourself on these multiple choice presidential trivia questions or have fun competing with your friends.


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