Whose Death in the Tunnel?: A Tale of a Princess Aaron McCallum Becker Author
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She is the most admired, talked about and photographed woman in the world, but her life is embroiled in trauma, betrayal and make-believe love. As her marriage falls apart and her divorce is mandated by powers she cannot control, she becomes entrapped in a nightmare, held prisoner by her husbands family, the press and unrelenting tradition. A trusted friend introduces the Princess to a master strategist, code named Puppet Master, who offers a beguiling solution that involves intrigue, deception- and a way out. The Princess resists the moral dilemma but, finally, her pain is so great she agrees to the plan on the condition that no one will be hurt. The goal is freedom and a new life in America; the terrible price, the loss of her only happiness- her two sons. The Puppet Master orchestrates the plot, but nothing is as it seems. Unforeseen twists and turns appear, and the Princess is carried along, unaware of the true plan. The plan unfolds across three continents. The paparazzi are fooled, the world is fooled, but then an unexpected love affair creates complications. The Machiavellian manipulations of the Puppet Master keep everyone in the dark until, in the end tragedy strikes in the tunnel and leaves a tarnished victory. Aaron McCallum Becker's intimate knowledge and skillful rendition of events raise as many questions as they answer.


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