Confronting Depression to Stop Suicide: A Conversation with Philip Burley Philip Burley Author
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Andrew is a young man recovering from a suicide attempt during which he journeyed on a “train” to the other side and realized that life does not stop when the physical body dies. In his meeting with medium and spiritual counselor Philip Burley, Andrew confronts his dependence on the opinion of others and begins to see the inner strength and potential that he has always possessed. Philip shares his own experience of self-discovery and his firm conviction that Andrew will move forward with increasing awareness of the indestructible light that resides within each one of us. "What is interesting to me is that I can see a brilliant light within each person that I see—the soul light. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done with their life or what ups and downs they’ve experienced. Someone could be an alcoholic or a murderer, but the light within is still there at their core because it can’t be touched, affected, or destroyed. The soul part of us is never touched because it’s the God part of us."Philip Burley


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