Learning Android Google Maps Raj Amal W. Author
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Integrate Google Maps with your Android application to offer feature-rich and interactive mapsAbout This BookSet up the development environment and obtain the Google API key to create your first map applicationCreate a cutting edge Google maps application by implementing all the concepts learnedA step-by-step tutorial guide that is full of pragmatic examplesWho This Book Is ForIf you are an Android developer and want to integrate maps into your application, then this book is definitely for you. This book is intended for novice Android application developers who would like to get up and running with map rich applications using Google Maps. Some basic development experience would be helpful but it's not a mandate.What You Will LearnGet to know about the basic development environment setup needed to create a successful map applicationGenerate an SHA1 fingerprint, obtain an API key, and create a basic map applicationDetect different types of maps and implement them in your applicationAdd information to your map such as markers, overlays, information windows, and shapesExplore the interaction with maps and work with gesturesChange the different camera views in your map applicationWork with real-time GPS location data and implementing it in your applicationApply Street View and integrate the StreetViewPanoroma fragment to your applicationEmploy the native Google maps application to solve some of the tasks using intentsCreate a cutting edge Google maps application by implementing all the concepts learnedIn DetailThis book helps you to overcome the most common problems faced by users and helps you create a successful map application without any hassle.The book starts with a brief description of how to set up an environment and obtain an API key to create your map application. This book will teach you about adding markers, overlays, and information windows to the map in detail. You will then dive deep into customizing various types of maps and working with location data and Google Street view.By the end of this book, you will be able to create succinct map applications in Android using Google maps efficiently.Style and approachThe book is tailored for the reader with a fundamental approach to Android Google Maps providing a step-by-step introduction to Android Google Maps. It focuses on simple, easy-to-understand examples that are pragmatic and serve as useful basis for real-world applications. Different topics are approached in a bottom-up fashion, gradually going from the simplest foundations to the most advanced features.


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