Handbook of the Mexican Army, 1906 R.A Th War Office (Captain B. Atkinson Author
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Mexico at the dawn of the 20th century was a dangerous and unknown quantity among western nations. Having repeatedly clashed with the United States, in 1906 it was emerging from the relative - if oppressive- stablity of Porfiro Diaz's long dictatorship, but was about to plunge into a decade of chaotic civil war and anarchy, as rival Presidents, and warlords like Emilio Zapata and Pancho Villa vied for control. This 1906 War Office handbook, based on information culled by Britain's military attache in Washington, gives as comprehensive picture of Mexico and its army as possible. Its chapters cover the Government - especially the War Department - and recruitment. The arms - infantry, artillery and cavalry - of the army, and such subjects as medical facilities; supply and transport; military reserves; uniforms, education and military law.


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