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Tattooing has been practiced since time immemorial. Whether applied for cultural reasons or simple decoration, tattoos are one of the earliest art forms. They are not entered into lightly: they perform a lifetime statement and a serious commitment, particularly with regard to the physical pain that the wearer has to endure to have the design etched onto their skin. At times and in some locations tattoos have been fashionable and socially acceptable; during other periods they have been unacceptable, with undesirable and often criminal connotations. Tattoos are currently enjoying a renaissance in popularity—everyone who is anyone has a “tat”—and the choice of design and meaning is dazzling. (Insert name of book) displays an enormous range of some of the most edgy and exciting tattoos ever inked. Ideal for anyone who enjoys the skill and imagination of the wearer and the practitioner, it gives a brief history of tattooing as well as examining pictorially the development and meaning of this incredible art form.


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