The Big Show - Episode 9 - Audiobook, by Goodman Ace
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As the 1950s dawned America was a colossus militarily, economically and culturally. It bestrode a globe it was doing so much to shape in its own image. But it had concerns; the threat of communism. And for the Movies and Radio there was another concern: the emerging rise of Television.For Radio, still in its golden age of mass audiences and star filled programmes, they had a handy solution with The Big Show. Its premise was simple but effective. Take 90 minutes of air-time and fill it with the stars of stage, screen and radio doing comedy sketches, drama extracts and musical numbers.It sounds simple enough and aided by a huge budget from NBC it was a success, staffed by the best writers and technical team in the business.Hosted by Tallulah Bankhead, with her sharp and acidic wit and her brilliance at ad-libbing The Big Show was big entertainment with big stars for a big audience.



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