Daughter of Ninmah: Book 2 of The Ancestors Saga, A Fantasy Romance Series Lori Holmes Author
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Love or loyalty? Destiny hangs upon a single choice...Living deep within the mysterious southern forests, the spiritual Ninkuraaja people are being hunted to the brink of extinction by bloodthirsty raiders known only as Woves.Nobody knows better than a Ninkuraa that a Wove deserves only death.But when a twist of fate places the life of an injured Wove into young Nyriaana's hands, she is horrified to discover that the destiny of this most hated enemy is irrevocably tied to hers. As their burgeoning relationship threatens to tear her whole life apart, Nyriaana comes to realise that she must face a terrible choice: sacrifice the Wove or betray the lives of her own dying people.Will Nyriaana find the strength she needs to save her tribe? Or will her love for the Wove ultimately doom them all?


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