Self Help for Women: 3 books in 1: Self Love: The Principles + Communication in Marriage: The Elements That Go Into a Strong Marriage + Self Esteem: T
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Are you in a marriage where you sometimes struggle to communicate properly?Does this cause problems that you could do without?Would you like to fix your communication issues and improve your relationship?Marriage relies on communication and being able to do it effectively. If you are going to live with someone for the rest of your life then a failure to communicate properly will undoubtedly result in serious problems and could potentially end in separation or even divorce. If you don't want that to happen then learning the art of communication is essential and with this book you can make some small changes that will make a big difference.Inside, you will discover lots of tips and advice to help you strengthen your relationship, with chapters covering:What makes a strong marriageHow to make it even strongerWays to improve your communicationUsing a business model to save your marriageSecrets of successful marriagesHow marriage counselling can helpThe importance of forgivenessAnd lots more... Do you suffer from low self-esteem?Does this have an impact on your career, relationships and life in general?Would you like to change that, learn self-love and become a happier person?So many of us place others and their happiness above our own and often it comes down to how we view ourselves. Often we feel like we are undeserving of feeling good about who we are but it is almost always the first step to take on the path to making us happier individuals. When we learn the art of self-love we bring about changes that are long lasting and are effective in making us feel good.This book examines self-love and what it means to us, how it can help make positive changes in our lives and how it can improve our fortunes in many ways, with chapters that cover:Why it is so importantThe determining factors of whether we accept or refuse ourselves for who we areWhere low self-esteem comes fromDealing with our old woundsHow you can be loved and happyOverall principles of self-loveLetting go of what you don't wantAnd lots more...


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