The Ultimate Keto Chaffle Diet Cookbook: Tasty and Affordable Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day with the Right Foot Kade Harrison Author
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Lose weight without sacrificing taste (and without breaking your Ketogenic diet).It happens every time: we have a difficult day, we are victims of emotional stress and all we want is to reward ourselves with food.Or...We've reached an important milestone, result, and all we want (again) is to reward ourselves with food.Cakes, candies, get the idea!And that's okay, BUT...On the other hand, we don't want to UNDO the results of the ketogenic diet, we don't want to fall into old bad habits and, especially, we don't want to poison our body.So, this is where chaffle come in:Chaffle are the best dish of the Ketogenic diet. Chaffle are designed to be as delicious as classic American waffles but at the same time Keto-approved.This cookbook provides you with 600 chaffle recipes for all tastes. Here's a glimpse of what you'll find in it: ● Both sweet and savory chaffle recipes ● Everything-in-between-chaffle! ● And so much more...Introduce chaffle into your Ketogenic diet now and drastically REDUCE the chances of overshooting it. Get Now Your Copy Of This Cookbook!


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