Dr Sebi - Libro de Cocina de Dieta Alcalina: Recetas Alcalinas para Bajar de Peso. Aumenta tu Energía y Mejora tu Metabolismo Any F. Miller Author
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55% OFF for Bookstore at $ 35,59 instead of $ 41,99! Are you looking for a diet to detox your body, improve your health naturally and live longer? Your Customers Never Stop to use this Awesome CookbookWith this book in hand, you'll be well on your way to having a better quality of life!Dr. Sebi, whose real identity was Alfredo Bowman, was born in Honduras in 1933. He a world-recognized holistic healer who had been committed to the service of humanity. His alkaline diet is the best solution if you want to clean your body and live better. The term 'alkaline diet' is used to describe a way of eating which focuses on reducing the intake of acid-producing foods like meat and wheat while increasing the intake of alkali-producing foods such as green vegetables. This regimen consists of eating more vegetables, fruit, vegetable juices, seeds & nuts, honey, and olive oil. However, it is not a vegan diet since it includes some animal protein like eggs and butter.This book contains nutritious recipes that will help you alkalize your diet, improve your gut health, and boost immunity. These dishes are also easy to prepare so that you can eat healthy food in the time-crunch of a busy day. Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book


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