Empath Secrets: The Ultimate Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People to Shield Yourself From Negative Energies, Manage Your Empathy and Develop
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Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders?Do you live through your every day feeling waves of others' emotions crashing into you?Empaths are very frequently portrayed as borderline magical beings - and in many ways, they are. However, if you are an empath, you might have a difficult time understanding yourself and your true nature, as well as the fact that you too can be just as dual-sided as everyone else.This is mainly due to a vast array of literature that portrays empaths as angelic figures with super-powers similar to those of a made-up character, rather than real human beings with very real aches and pains.If you are tired of mystified definitions and books that don't say much in terms of what empaths should do to be happier and healthier, your search stops here. If you want to learn an objective way to look at empathy (and its antagonist, narcissism), Empath is the book you have been waiting for. If you want to learn how to be happier with who you are, you have in your hands the pages detailing this process.In Empath, you will learn:What an empath is. Are you one, and if so, how much?The pitfalls and why it's essential to control the darker side.Why empaths and narcissists are always connected.Are empaths all good? Are narcissists all bad?What an empath can do to protect themselves and their emotions.How to set boundaries as an empath.What is EQ?The link between EQ, empaths, and narcissists.Download now, and allow yourself to be happy. You are a truly unique being just the way you are, and you deserve nothing but the best that life has to offer. This book is your head-start to finding peace as an empath!Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book


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