Milkshakes and Juice Drinks to Feel More Energetic: A Cookbook with over 50 Recipes for You and Your Family Aiden James Author
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50 Delicious Milkshakes and Juice Drinks to Feel More EnergeticWhat if you could just drink the pounds away?...Losing weight is such a challenge for so many people...No matter if after a pregnancy, or a little too much junk food over a few months, the pounds came quickly and seem here to stay... but that's over now.How? Just by drinking healthy smoothies!If you ever wanted to lose weight reliably, without starving yourself, strenuous exercise or junking down disgusting pills and powders...Then this is the most important book of smoothie recipes you'll ever read!The Smoothie Recipe Book is for everyone who wants to lose weight the tasty way and shed stubborn pounds while enjoying themselves. Here is a small taste of what The Smoothie Cookbook includes:Easy to make recipes- make smoothies to help you lose weight even if you're no expert in cooking, healthy food, or making smoothies50 recipes - with this huge variety you'll never get bored of them and can always enjoy your tasty smoothies - every day!Delicious! Tasty recipes make it easier to lose weight while enjoying yourself - no dissolving disgusting weight loss powders in water!No hard to get ingredients! You can get all ingredients in one swoop at the supermarketQuickly made! No time? No problem- make your tasty, fat-melting smoothies in your coffebreak!This unique smoothie recipe book even works for you if:- You never made a smoothie in your life before- You have no idea what to put in a smoothie- You have tried losing weight with tons of diets without any lasting results- You had trouble sticking to diets in the past ( because now, you don't need to restrict yourself- just drink the smoothies and see the changes!)Now it's time for you to lose weight the tasty way- no diets, no restrictions, no fuss. Enjoy a tasty smoothie, feel comfortable and drop the nasty pounds in one fell swoop!


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