Renal Diet Guide: A Foolproof Cookbook To Stay Healthy And Avoid Dialysis. Enjoy Tasty And Mouthwatering Recipes Joy Elledge Author
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Are you looking for fast and healthy diet? If so, then this is the right book for you!The renal diet is a very restrictive form of dieting that is usually only prescribed by the health care provider for individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease. The primary goal of this type of diet is to help maintain kidney function, along with minimizing any potentially harmful buildup in the system. For those who are already suffering from chronic kidney disease, frequent elimination and adherence to this kind of diet can help to relieve a multitude of symptoms including nausea and vomiting as well as abnormal levels in protein in the urine.This book covers:· Different Kinds of Kidney Failure· Main Causes of Renal Failure· Strategic Steps to Slow Kidney Disease· 3-weeks Meal Plan· Breakfast and Smoothies· Mains· Vegetables · Poultry, Beef and Pork· Snacks and appetizer· DessertAnd much more!The renal diet is completely different from the low-protein diet in that the former is designed to maintain kidney function and minimize toxicity while the latter is designed to promote weight loss (see explanation of the differences above). In addition, there are several important distinctions to be made between these two types of diets. Most significantly, while both are very restrictive and are not usually recommended for an extended period of time (they are typically considered temporary therapies), it must be noted that protein restriction should not cause weight loss in patients with chronic kidney disease since this can lead to a progressive loss of muscle mass as well as decreased overall metabolic rate.You will Never Stop Using this Awesome Book!Buy it NOW and get addicted to this amazing book


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