The Super Easy Bread Baker Recipe Book: Quick And Tasty Sweet & Savory Bread Maker Recipes For Beginners Sofia Wells Author
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Would you like to make the most of your bread machine and effortlessly create many different loaves of bread every day, without having to spend hours and hours in your kitchen?If the answer is YES, then keep reading...Having a bread machine is something that many people underestimate.Among the many advantages of the bread machine is that it avoids the fatigue of doing everything manually. All you need to do is prepare and weigh the ingredients, place them in the appropriate container in the order listed in the recipe and crush one or more buttons.The machine will do everything else, from the dough to the leavening, to the final cooking. Moreover, the bread-making machine makes no difference between the different types of flour, to the point that it is possible to make all the possible types of bread, from white to wholemeal.In this book, you will:★ Find Mouth-Watering, Healthy, and Easy-to-Make Recipes with the right amounts of ingredients to reach the perfect dough to serve family and friends with a homemade bread tasty and unforgettable.★ Learn the Right Machine Dough Cycle, which varies depending on the models, to ensure you have a soft, smooth dough ready for delicious homemade bread.★ Discover The Right Measurements of The Ingredients to be inserted in the machine and how to insert them, if you have to put first the liquids and then the dry or vice versa in order to always have the perfect bread without risking having to throw it away at the end of the process.★ Understand What to Do When the Dough Is Too Soft or Hard, add the liquids or flours to recover the dough and not waste time and money. ... & So Much More! Why not wake up in the morning with the typical smell of freshly baked bread?Mothers and grandmothers used to make all the food at home, including bread. The recent rediscovery of flavors and wholesome foods has revived this trend.Those who decide to buy a bread machine do so because they can not give up the fragrance and irresistible scent of freshly baked bread, deciding to prepare it at home but without too much effort.Plus, you can enjoy family and friends with all the delicious bread recipes you find inside to bake any bread with the best flavor ever.Order Your Copy Now and Become Better Than Your Baker of Trust!


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