The Sixty Solution: The Ultimate Beginner's Guidebook to Intermittent Fasting. Delicious, Illustrated Recipes That Will Help You Burn Calories, Lose W
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Are you tired of trying different diets among those in vogue without seeing results and/or having recurring weight gain relapses? Would you like to lose weight and, at the same time, feel energetic, reduce the risk of serious diseases and promote longevity by stimulating your body's natural processes?Usually, diets are restrictive, require a lot of time and attention, and make us feel hungry, thus becoming difficult to follow. We therefore quit after a short period of time without having achieved our goals.But you don't have to give up improving your physical shape and enjoying a long healthy life!You have certainly heard of intermittent fasting and the benefits it has brought to so many people. You may not know, however, that the secret to the success of intermittent fasting is in the strengthening of Autophagy. Every day, our cells undergo a natural cleansing process called Autophagy, which means that healthy cells devour old and weak ones, allowing the body to detoxify and renew itself.This is demonstrated by scientific data and is not a trend of recent years, but was already practiced by our ancestors, albeit unconsciously.With this book, I want to provide you with the tested methods by which you can activate autophagy in your body, and this not only to succeed in losing weight, but also to promote healing, slow aging and leave your body free from the chronic diseases that afflict millions of people. Specifically, I will dig deep into intermittent fasting and the 16/8 method, which is the simplest way to achieve autophagy, and the safest way to fast for those who are planning to do it for the first time.Here are just some of the many concepts you will discover:What is Autophagy, how it works and how to boost it easily and effectively through different methodsWhy Intermittent Fasting is a lifestyle and is therefore different from usual dietsHow to permanently lose weight, increase vitality and get a better medical condition by activating your natural self-cleansing processWhat is the 16/8 method and the guidelines to follow, with proven tips to make the most of it and achieve successAnswers to many questions that I am sure you have asked yourself about this topicDelicious fat burning recipes and food choices that will help you enhance autophagyAnd much, much more!You are probably discouraged because you have tried different diets and supplements to lose weight and improve your health without having significant results or you are interested in intermittent fasting but you do not know which program to follow, when and what to eat and drink, or if this method is for you; but with this comprehensive guide I will provide you with all the information you need to start without worries and in the simplest possible way.Do you want to get the body and health that you desire and deserve? Then scroll to the top of this page, click on Buy Now with 1-Click and find out how!


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