Sirtfood Diet: 2 Books in 1 - The Ultimate Guide - The Weight-Loss Secret + Meal Plan and Cookbook with 126 Easy and Delicious Recipes (Choc Included)
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Would you like to know how to turn your body into the dream body you've always wanted? If you want to learn about the amazing weight-loss secret of a singer who lost 99 pounds(!) while enjoying delicious recipes, then read on...The Sirtfood Diet is based on newfound studies of nutrients called Sirtfoods. These miracle foods can initiate an amazing process in the body that eliminates cell waste and consumes fat. They do this by enacting our sirtuin qualities - otherwise called our thin genes. These qualities are similar to those seen by exercise and fasting.Top Sirtfoods include kale, arugula, parsley, red onions, strawberries, pecans, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa, curry flavors, green tea, and espresso (really, espresso!). As opposed to past diets where the emphasis is on reducing caloric intake, with Sirtfoods, the advantages occur through eating.Stage 1 of the Sirtfood Diet is the hyper-achievement, which has demonstrated to help lose 7 lbs. in the first 7 days. During the first 3 days, calorie consumption is confined to 1,000 calories each day, comprising of three Sirtfood green juices, in addition to one full dinner rich in Sirtfoods. On days 4 to 7, calorie consumption increases to 1,500 calories, which includes two Sirtfood-rich green juices and two Sirtfood-rich dinners.Stage 2 is a 14-day upkeep stage, where weight loss continues consistently. The diet again is filled with an abundance of Sirtfoods, including 3 Sirtfood-rich dinners each day, alongside a 'support' Sirtfood green juice.Sirtfood Diet - The Ultimate Guide is the ideal companion to start the SIRT diet and provides you with 101 quick and easy recipes rich in Sirt foods to make you enjoy delicious dishes capable of giving you the body you have always wanted.You will learn:The Science Behind SirtuinsHow to turn the skinny gene on and off: you will learn why some people are skinny despite the way they eatSirtuins and Anti-aging: the secret of the centenariansHealthy benefitsHow to lose weight without losing muscles Top 20 Sirtfoods to activate the weight lossHow to follow the Sirtfood dietHow to build your own recipes: you will learn how to combine the right foods to create your favorite dishes at homeQuestions and answers to get the most out of your dietThe revolutionary 7-day diet meal plan126 Simple and Tasty Sirtfood Recipes Designed to Get You the Best ResultsBreakfastLight BitesMain MealsSmoothiesDessertsSnacksDressings... and much more!Following the Sirtfood diet, members lost 7 pounds in the first 7 days! This weight loss through fat-consumption, while maintaining muscle mass, is one reason that the Sirtfood-based diet has gotten so mainstream with anybody wanting to get both thin and fit just like world-class athletes and models.However, to consider it only as a 'weight loss' diet is to overlook its other benefits. That is a diet that has as much to do with overall health as it does with waistlines. Increased energy, healthier skin, and better sleep are the wonderful 'side effects' from this type of diet. Also, the diet has shown benefits in those suffering from metabolic ailments, with benefits in diabetes, coronary illness, and Alzheimer's patients for example. It's no surprise that this diet is rapidly growing in popularity around the world.So, if you finally want to get the body of your dreams while also establishing the framework for lifelong wellbeing, better skin, increased energy and protection from sickness, then the Sirtfood Diet is for you.Get This Book Today!


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