Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2021: The complete cookbook for beginners, eat fried food with easy and delicious recipes, lose weight fast and reset
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Many people around the world love fried food and would go to great lengths to get it. People who dislike cooking also quickly fry these foods from the freezer and give them a delicious flavor. However, it should be no surprises that these fried foods create many health problems due to the large amount of oil they absorb during frying. To satisfy your fried food taste without any health-related side effects, you can utilize an air fryer. This technology uses far less oil than traditional frying and is a much healthier but equally delicious choice. In short, we suggest that you buy an air fryer right away and get this kitchen diary as soon as possible! This recipe collection will show you how to get the best breakfast, sandwiches, lunch recipes, appetizers, fish and seafood recipes, and other fried foods, and of course, the most satisfying desserts with your new cooking utensils. We can ensure you that all the dishes you cook in the air fryer will be so delicious, and from now on, everyone will admire your culinary skills! This book covers:Usage of Readily Available Ingredients from the SupermarketPrecise Nutritional Composition AnalysisApproximate Preparation and Cooking TimeRecommended Serving SizeEasy to Follow InstructionsAnd much more!!!


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