Italian Dialogues for Beginners Book 2: Over 100 Daily Used Phrases and Short Stories to Learn Italian in Your Car. Have Fun and Grow Your Vocabulary
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Easily Learn Conversational Italian in Just a Few Days with the Help of Everyday Italian Dialogues for Beginners Like You!Have you ever been in a situation where you try to talk to your Italian friends in their native tongue, and end up being laughed at for butchering their language?We feel you! We know how embarrassing (and hilarious) this can be.Italian is one of the most widely spoken languages today, and opens up the door to a plethora of new opportunities to view and experience the world. Not only will learning Italian increase your ability to converse with different people across the globe, but it also gives you a winning edge over others in your career or business.When you put in the work to learn Italian, you are broadening your horizons and giving yourself a better chance to succeed in both life and work. So, how do you get started?EASY - just add Italian Dialogues for Beginners by Learn Like a Native in your toolkit!This book is crafted with beginners like you in mind. Here is where you will find simple yet stimulating Italian language usage that is mostly in the present tense, so you will be able to effectively focus on dialogues and root verbs, as well as effortlessly understand and find patterns in subject-verb agreement.In the simple, easy-to-digest dialogues within, you will read about people going through daily life situations speaking to each other, and using the most common, helpful words and phrases in Italian.With the help of this fun & game-changing Italian Dialogues guide, you will:Effectively learn Italian transition words the easiest and fastest way possibleUse the right Italian prepositions anytime, anywhere without skipping a beatExpertly ask all your burning questions using situation-appropriate Italian termsBoost your knowledge in common Italian present tense verbs like a nativeAnd so much more!Italian Dialogues for Beginners stands out from all the other Italian Language Guides out there because it harnesses the power of everyday Italian dialogues. You won't find any boring lectures on grammar and endless vocabulary lists in this guide - that is a promise!This guide utilizes crazy effective Italian immersion tools that make learning Italian fun and easy, even without having to leave the country!Scroll up, add this book to your library, and Kick Start Your Italian Learning Journey Today!P.S. Go at and get the first ebook of the series FOR FREE!


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