Mediterranean Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook: 500+ Healthy and Tasty Recipes for Busy People from Appetizers to Desserts, to Save Time, Lose Weight, and Ac
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Do you want to learn how to make 500+ healthy and tasty recipes for busy people from appetizers to desserts, to save time, lose weight, and achieve a healthier lifestyle? If your answer is YES then you should consider Mediterranean Diet Cookbook , which contains more than 500 mouth-watering recipes, all healthy, low in calories but big in flavors.Mediterranean diet has been shown to provide health benefits. It is considered one of the healthiest diets due to its provision of healthy fats which have heart-healthy benefits and blood cholesterol-lowering properties.How it works:Surprisingly, the Mediterranean diet is not a strict plan; rather it reflects a way of eating that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and olives- all high in antioxidants and healthy fats. Red and processed meat and sugar are avoided. So with this healthy diet, foods are fresh, unique, and delicious with the help of the cookbook. Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet :It is known to help prevent certain chronic diseases like heart disease , stroke, diabetes and cancer . Lean protein from fish, chicken, legumes, and nuts is one of the main components of a Mediterranean Diet . Eating healthy fats found in fish, olive oil, nuts and avocados help reduce cholesterol and cut the risk of heart disease. Sun-dried and fresh fruits, tomatoes, and beans high in fiber are key components of a Mediterranean Diet, which reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer.Here is what makes this diet quite unique among others:· Promotes a healthier lifestyle.· High fiber and low in red meat.· It provides nutrients in every meal.· Helps you stay fuller for a longer time.· Boosts your energy levels and promotes weight loss.So, with this Mediterranean Diet Cookbook you will learn:· What's the Mediterranean Diet?· Slow Cooking· Rice Recipes· Pasta Recipes· Soup and Stews recipes· Poultry recipes· Beef Recipes· Pork Recipes· Lamb recipes· Seafood RecipesAnd so much more.Ready to get started? Get this book today!


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