The essential Mediterranean Cookbook: 101 Health, Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Make at home in Less then 30 Minutes. Julian Cox Author
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Do you want new recipes for everyday cooking and reach the weight you wish while eating healthy, fresh and budget-friendly foods? do you want to follow a 21-day meal plan to rapid lose weight?Inside this #1 bestseller, you'll learn how to cook 101 affordable, quick & easy recipes, Whether it calls for 5 main ingredients, takes 30-minutes or less to cook, or uses a single pot or pan, each recipe is simple to whip up from start to finish.You'll find selected, revisited and tested several times recipes to make them as delicious and simple as possible.In this Mediterranean cookbook for beginners, you will be shown how easy it is to lose weight through a mix of balanced meals and physical activity. You have the opportunity to adopt a new lifestyle that allows you to improved mental capacity, reduced inflammation, preventing heart attacks and strokes, and weight loss.In this book, you will be provided with the following:101 delicious, affordable and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and sneak.21 day-meal plan to rapid weight loss and save time, without the worry of what recipes or food you have to prepare every day.What the Mediterranean diet is all about and how it worksThe infinity benefits of the dietWhat are the good and bad foodsIf you always find yourself asking what to prepare, this it's no more your problem, all of the recipes are flexible and easy enough to allow you to use substitutes that are locally produced and fresh. whether you are a beginner or a chef you'll find fun and exciting preparing and eating these new Mediterranean meals. I hope this book inspires you to make as many Mediterranean recipes as you like and be able to share it with your family and friends and create good memories.Here some recipes: Italian FrittataYogurt Carrot SoupChilled Tomato SoupTwo-Cheeses Baked PotatoPenne Mushrooms and SquashCorned Beef and CabbageStuffed CalamariScallion and Tomatoes QuinoaShrimp ScampiAsparagus TortillaMoroccan-Style Grilled TunaCoffee MousseFruit TorteStart right now cooking and try a new lifestyle!


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