OVERTHINKING AND MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS: Find Out All the Innovative Secrets to Illuminate Your Mental Strength, Empower Your Self-Esteem, Destroy Anxie
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Are you looking for an original and infallible way to overcome the most insidious obstacles that limit your performance?Well, let me tell you something: it's not a chance that you ended up here.Overthinking suppresses your brilliant intuitions for the benefit of redundant mince words and memories. In short, overthinking could be a huge breaking point in your career, which can ultimately be built only by original intuitions, of whom you're the unconscious owner. And what about uncontrollable emotions? Fear, rage, anger, surprise. How many times did they tell you that they're only temporary feelings with which all you can do is coexisting? The good news is that you don't have to do it any longer. Uncontrollable emotions are like ghosts floating around you and wrapping you down, preventing you from reaching your goals. This useful book is going to teach you many things, among them:- You'll get out of the loop of intrusive thoughts, and you'll eventually unblock your intuitive potential. And it's not everything!- You'll be able to get through your past, modify and replan your interpretation of events, which will help you to improve your present and your future. Thanks to the perfect re-education of yourself, you'll stop being a slave of your imperfect childhood education.- You'll learn the best Stoic and Mindfulness techniques to impeccably re-gain the lost harmony between your body and your mind. - You'll win against indecision, procrastination, and laziness. You'll be able to enter the challenge against time and space, to direct the course of events according to your own will.- You'll say goodbye to the subjection that bonds and chains you to your emotions. You'll manage to master them.No negative emotion will have the power to control neither you nor the situations it comes from. You can already start forgetting about that annoying dizziness produced by uncontrollable feelings: you'll acquire a new unimaginable strength in the control of every emotion coming in your way.- You'll learn how to align your logic sphere with your emotional sphere without perceiving the irreparable detachment you've been used to. You'll improve without a doubt your emotive intelligence to exploit it as much as you can both in your work and in your affective relationships (...and you might even win someone's heart!).- In just 21 days you'll be able to acquire new mental and behavioral habits, to accurately reset the natural balance of your existence, constantly threatened by the uncoordinated rhythms of society.Thanks to this book, you'll feel brand new and regenerated, in spite of all those static situations that aim at petrifying your essence and dynamicity.Order Your Copy Now and Start Your Journey to Healing Right Now!


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