Positive Thinking Affirmations: Use the Law of Attraction to Transform Your Life and Business. Train Your Brain for Success, Stress Relief, Self-Estee
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Are you looking for a method for changing your mindset and learn positive thinking? Then keep reading...Affirmations help you find the right motivation, free yourself from other people's judgments and develop self-confidence. All of that will deliver you a happier and better life. Practicing positive affirmations can favorably affect reality: a person who faces life with a positive attitude will always be more successful both in profession and in relationship than one who cannot take control of his thoughts.This book covers the following topics:Positive thinking and the law of attraction14 powerful positive thinking practicesThe spiritual value of positive thinkingBeing positive in bad situationsStrategies to be happyWays to overcome negative thoughtsAffirmations10 tips to avoid wrong affirmations... And much more!


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