Funny Riddles For Smart Kids 4-12 - Riddles, Jokes, Amazing Brain Teasers and Trick Questions that Children and Families Will Adore: The Big Book of R
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Are you looking for a Fun and Easy Way to Teach your Child Essential Problem-Solving Skills?TONS and TONS of Riddles in 184 PagesChildren nowadays spend hours mindlessly scrolling through social media and have low to no interpersonal relationships...This has lead to a lack of nourishment and development of their young brains.Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.Thomas DewarSeveral Studies have shown that Funny Riddles - For SMART Kids Drastically Improve Cognitive Brain Function and Lateral Thinking Skills of Young Children.Being people who work with children on a daily basis, we know exactly how to boost their intellect while keeping them entertained.This book is everything you have been looking for.This book is Scientifically Designed to Test Logic, Lateral Thinking and to Engage the Brain in Identifying Patterns and Connections between Different Things and Occurrences.Inside this book, you will discover100% Kid Appropriate Material - Suitable For Kids Ages 4-12An Impressive Collection Of Riddles And Brain Teasers - Handpicked - To Challenge Each And Every Part Of The Brain;How To Engage Your Brain In Seeing Patterns And Connections - Master The Ingenious Art Of Thinking Outside The Box;84,5% children say that they want to spend more time with their parents...This book is a wonderful tool to reignite their love for learning. Its learning while having fun - And that is what true learning looks like!When you have fun then you're more interested in learningMagnus CarlsenIf you want to unplug your child from inappropriate tv programs & videogames, and want them to reach their true potential, then click the BUY IT NOW button right now. Let the fun begin!Riddles and brain teasers, riddles and trick questions, riddles book, riddles book for kids, Kids kids, riddles for kids, riddles for kids aged 4-12, riddles and puzzles, jokes and riddles, jokes book, jokes book for kids, jokes children, jokes for kids, jokes kids


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